Wooden floors and floor parts

The warmth of a wooden floor gives atmosphere to a house and ensures that people really feel at home. An honest natural product that is used and loaded daily. We like to advice you on the possibilities and the applications of the use of solid wooden floors and floor parts.

Planed floor wood

We also have a wide stock and a large assortment of suitable types of wood for the floor production industry. The wood is sufficiently dried in our own drying plant. The quality and the sizes are discussed with you and supplied conform agreement.

Types of wood

Our assortment wood for floors contains of Oak, Bubinga, Jatoba, Wengé, Black Kabbes, Douglas, Larch, walnut, Doussie, Mapple, Red and white American Oak, Cherry, Padouk, Purple heart, Muiracatiara and Teak. In FSC we can supply you with: Mandioqueria, Jatoba, Muiracatiare and Cumaru.

The thickness of the floors is 21 mm and the width is discussed with you.

Planed floors

We also offer a limited assortment of standard produced floors. Together with our supplier we discuss the requirements and possibilities with you. The assortment standard floors contain Oak, Redwood, Douglas and Larch.

Specialism through craftsmanship

H. Oude Hengel GmbH is able to produce the “dream floor” customised for you, your client or your customer. The enables us to show you our craftsmanship. The wood is sawed from our own trunks at the requested size. Widths of 40 cm or more in Oak and Douglas are no problem at all for us. And if you subsequently want the floor assembled for this special project, we can arrange this with our own specialists.