The facade determines the image and appearance of a house or building. The quality, way of assembly, dryness of the wood and advise are very important in this. If the wood is processed with the necessary care, wood will be the right material for siding.

Various types of wood

We have a wide program with various types of woods that can be used for siding. The choice of type of wood is important as well as the construction itself. Both elements are important for the quality and the lifespan of the facade. We can offer the various suitable types of wood for siding in:

  • Freshly sawed
  • wind dried
  • artificial dried at the required humidity percentage

Douglas Siding

We can also offer Douglas siding, such as Swedish rabat and half lap rabat in two fixed operable sizes 135 mm and 175 mm. Both sizes can be supplied from stock. Plus, we can supply these two types in the aforementioned sizes as follows:

  • green or brown impregnated
  • colourless impregnated
  • treatment in desired RAL colour is possible
  • standard in stock black treated with VV Woodstain Ebony Black
  • different sizes possible on request

We also have various reference projects and if required we can send you an impression of these.