Ship building and carpentry

Traditionally national wood is used for (old) Dutch ships. From measured sawed Oak, Redwood, Larch and Douglas the various parts of the ship are produced. This really requires craftsmanship. H. Oude Engel GmbH knows this like nobody else. With our large experience with ship builders we have equipped many ships with a new skin, pole, buoy parts or swords.

Pole wood up to 18 metres

Our sawmill is able to saw pole wood up to at least 18 metres. This not only makes us unique, but with our contacts we can also ensure that the trunks with the correct bending are supplied on time. Together with you we check the wood and test this so you will receive a quality product.


The wood for the interior or the cabin is always thoroughly dried or artificial dried and supplied from stock. The many Oak trunks can be sawed in thicknesses of 65, 85 and 105 mm and provide a large sorting.

Oak benders

A lot of Oak is used for the restoration of Dutch ships. To correctly follow the outlining of the ship and to retain the strength in the construction we require benders. Oak trunks that have the same thread course as the shape of the ship. We continuously have these trunks in stock for you.