What does FSC® stand for?

The complete name for FSC is Forest Stewardship Council®. Companies that want to show that their wood and wooden products have a responsible origin, can get FSC certified with a traceability (Chain of Custody / COC) certificate. All companies in the trade chain ensure for traceability of the FSC certified products within their company.

A certification institute that is authorised, according to very strict accreditation standards (ASI), to certify company and carry out inspections at the company if this legislation (that is stated in the FSC COC standard) is applied correctly.

Only FSC certified companies are allowed to sell products as FSC certified. FSC certified products can be recognised by a FSC on the product label. Of course the FSC claim is also mentioned on the legal sales documents (compulsory). FSC certified companies can be found in an online worldwide database and can be checked on the validity of their certificate. This also applies for our company H. Oude Hengel BV.