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We deliver customised work in outdoor buildings

For over 100 years H. Oude Hengel GmbH delivers wood for different applications in various branches. We advise our customers with expert knowledge, a large assortment and respect for the environment, we deliver in accordance with the agreement and we offer the most durable wood with the highest quality.

Over the last few years there are already many satisfied customers that enjoy our outdoor buildings and constructions. Because of our own passion we can give you the best advice on the buildings which we deliver in all types and sizes.

Types of wood in our constructions

European Oak

Most of our wooden constructions and outdoor buildings are made from untreated oak. After a while oak wood will turn from light yellow to light to dark grey. Especially in constructions that are subject to a lot of wind and sun, this colour clearly comes to light. Oak is contemporary, a very appropriate type of hardwood and has an authentic, natural and rustic look.

European Douglas

We use douglas as a good alternative for oak. Douglas is by nature a very durable type of wood. Especially when it is applied dry in the constructions. Douglas is lighter in weight and very strong and tough. The colour is slightly pink and has more markings than oak. Douglas is a very frequently used type of wood in the Netherlands because of the easy processing, stability, limited effect and the good price/quality ratio.

Tropical hardwood

It is also possible to have your outdoor building made from tropical types of wood. The very exclusive colonial English style is emphasised. Beautiful dark and red types of wood will give your outdoor buildings an unforgettable appearance. We like to recommend types like Billinga, Iroko and Padoek for this.

CNC Wood processing machine

Our oak and douglas wooden constructions are made in-house from design to production. We either produce from our own design or from the client’s design. After the design has been approved, the constructions are produced using a computerised CNC wood processing machine that produces craft connections in the most modern manner and with the necessary detailed precision.

The machine is modular adjusted to the demand. Plus, the CNC wood processing machine has a revolutionary

operating system with grip and guide carriage. This ensures precision. The CNC wood processing machine can handle sizes up to 300 mm in thickness, 625 cm in width and 1.300 cm in length. Plus, it is also equipped with a special round wood module.

Our CNC wood processing machine stands for very accurate wood processing, but it retains that craft appearance we like to reflect in our constructive end products.

Craft examples are pin and holes, half lap and dovetail connections.

Products with the best durability.