Construction and restoration

Since a few years, wood has been re-discovered in the construction and estimated at value. A responsible decision. After all, is a durable construction is made from wood, it serves as a storage container of CO2.This is a very good characteristic as the extra emission of CO2 should be prevented globally.


H. Oude Hengel GmbH can supply you with wood to build or restore projects. The usual types of woods for this are Latch, Douglas, Oak and Western Red Cedar. But also tropical hardwood constructions are available. Our own sawmill carries out specified orders without any problems, fast and with the most care.


Facades are an important detail of a house. Visually wood can be the right material if it is processed with care. The choice of the type of wood to be used is just as important as the construction itself. Both elements are determined for the lifespan and the quality of the facade.

Facade wood can be supplied in freshly sawed, wind dried and artificial dried at the required humidity percentage. H. Oude Hengel GmbH likes to recommend you on the processing of the profile or colour required by you.

Prefab wooden constructions

Regularly wooden constructions are produced prefab in houses and buildings. Mechanical processing and craft handwork ensure that the result matches the desire. Adjustments and requirements in the construction will be clearly discussed with you and supplied to your satisfaction.

Ask us for the possibilities in both Oak, Douglas and other building, facade and other wooden constructions. For more information, also look at wooden outdoor buildings.